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Golden Leaves


Five yoga classes to connect with the contraction of Autumn.

What's in the course?

This course consists of five yoga classes that run between 15 to 40 minutes in length. Each class has a focus on stretches and yoga poses that connect to the energy of the Lung and Large Intestine, the two organs of the Metal element and Autumn in Traditional Oriental Medicine. This means there are lots of arm and chest exercises, to activate the Lungs, and squeezes into the belly and back, to activate the Large Intestine. By toning and strengthening these organs, and working the meridian energy, your body will become more in tune with the contracting energy of autumn and you can release congestion, improve respiration, fend off colds and flus, and let go of unwanted energy in the body.

Cost $30

After you purchase the course, you will receive a link to course home page.

What people are saying about our courses...

"I enjoyed your very relaxed delivery and the variety offered in the seven sessions. You explained and demonstrated all of the poses clearly, as well as elaborating on the benefits to the body."

"I like the variation in length of classes as sometimes 30 minutes doesn't fit into the day easily. And progression of challenges through a week is good."

"(the classes) were perfect for me as I have done your classes previously but I think even if you were a novice it would be easy enough to follow..."

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