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This course consists of five yoga classes, each approximately 20 minutes in length. Each class has a focus on stretches and yoga poses that connect to the energy of the Heart and Small Intestine, the two organs of the Fire element and Summer in Traditional Oriental Medicine. This means there are lots of chest openers, to activate the Heart, and belly work, to activate the Small Intestine. By toning and strengthening these organs, and working the meridian energy, your body will become more in tune with the outward and expansive energy of summer. You will find you can cope better with the heat and feel a sense of calm tranquility after your practice.

I recommend doing the five classes during the span of a week and then repeating the classes for four weeks - a total of 28 days. I know this sounds challenging but there will be benefits to doing this. First, as you repeat the classes each week, you will become more familiar with the poses and you may even notice that by the fourth week you are getter stronger, more flexible and will find the poses are slightly easier to do. Secondly, by maintaining a regular daily practise, you will feel the benefits of this flow into other areas of your life.

If you are new to doing a home yoga practice, make sure you find a comfortable space where you can roll out your mat or towel, have a computer or device that you can prop up nearby so you can hear/watch the classes, and be kind to yourself - it may be challenging at first to do this at home on a regular basis, but I know that everyday you make the effort, you will definitely feel the rewards of having a go. Enjoy!

Finally, I would love your feedback once you have completed the classes. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to answer three quick questions about your experiences. Many thanks!


Summer Yoga Series Day 1


Summer Yoga Series Day 2


Summer Yoga Series Day 3


Summer Yoga Series Day 4


Summer Yoga Series Day 5


Please give us your feedback by answering three quick questions about your experience with the Summer Yoga Series.


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