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This course consists of six yoga classes, between 30 to 45 minutes in length. Each class has a focus on stretches and yoga poses that connect to the energy of the Kidney and Bladder, the two organs of the Water element in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

The Water element governs our bones and nervous system, our stability and balance, our confidence and will power. These classes focus on connecting and engaging with the spine, deep belly and lower back. By working into these areas, and the associated meridians, you will feel more grounded and relaxed, and experience a deep sense of stillness in the mind and body. 

I recommend doing the six classes over the span of a week and then repeating the classes for four weeks. I know this sounds challenging but there will be benefits to doing this. First, as you repeat the classes each week, you will become more familiar with the poses and you may even notice that by the fourth week you are getter stronger, more flexible and will find the poses are slightly easier to do. Secondly, by maintaining a regular daily practise, you will feel the benefits of this flow into other areas of your life.

Some of the poses in these classes are strong, so please take it easy if you find it challenging. Please watch and follow the instructions carefully and if anything is too challenging, make an attempt but always listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right, then back off. 

When doing a home yoga practice, make sure you find a comfortable space where you can roll out your mat or towel, have a computer or device that you can prop up nearby so you can hear/watch the classes. By doing yoga at home on a regular basis, you will definitely feel the rewards of your efforts. Enjoy!

Finally, I would love your feedback once you have completed any of the classes. Please use the link below to answer three quick questions about your experiences. Many thanks!


Winter Yoga: Class 1 - Activate the spine


Winter Yoga: Class 2 - Connecting the belly and the back


Winter Yoga: Class 3 - Bringing power to the deep belly and lower back


Winter Yoga: Class 4 - Connecting with the spine


Winter Yoga: Class 5 - Extending the spine


Winter Yoga: Class 6 - Flowing with the water element


Please provide your feedback by answering three quick questions about your experience with the Winter Yoga Series.


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