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Yoga Classes

Leah teaches Ryoho Yoga, a dynamic and therapeutic style of yoga. Classes are designed to allow each person to work to their own level of strength and flexibility, with the aim to improve both. A key part of Ryoho yoga classes is the incorporation of stretching and toning movements that enable the body to release tension and strengthen areas of weakness. This style of yoga also integrates the principles of traditional oriental therapies and works to harmonise the meridians in the body and improve organ function.


Regular attendance at classes (at least once a week) will:

  • improve strength, flexibility and energy levels

  • release tension in the back, neck and other areas of the body

  • improve digestion, circulation and immune function

  • relieve stress and increase overall body awareness

  • bring calmness, clarity and focus to the mind.

Class info

Classes are open to all levels and abilities and will be tailored to the students who attend.

Yoga mats are provided - please bring a towel or blanket to cover your mat.

All classes are one hour in length.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Avoid eating a large meal at least one hour prior the class.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Kind words

I have been practicing yoga in the Barossa for 25 years and have had many excellent teachers.
Leah is another one. She brings a gentle humour and a lightness of spirit to her classes.
This is a different style of yoga to that which you may know and I have been amazed at what it has done for my body and mind in just one year!
Open your heart and experience new knowledge. Namaste.


Having never done yoga before, I'm really enjoying the classes with Leah. She has a great way of tailoring the session so everyone is included, whether they are novice or experienced.
After having constant back ache for years, I've had no back ache for the last year and I only do one class a week. Fantastic classes!


This retreat was seriously the best! Leah has achieved a little piece of bliss...I was made to feel at home the moment I arrived.
The food was absolutley brillant, the yoga and meditation sessions were awesome and the accommodation was comfrotable in every way...only minuites from the beach.
I highly recommend this retreat for anyone wanting to get away and rejuvinate, mind, body and soul.
Do what you can to book into the next one...this is a life changing experience.


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