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Access your deeper core for profound health and wellbeing!

Do you want to...

  • get rid of back pain and heal digestive issues?

  • get relief from cramping and pain during your monthly cycle?

  • relieve issues associated with menopause?

  • improve your core strength and maintain it for the duration of your life?

  • learn the secret to physical, mental and emotional stability?

Interestingly, all of these seemingly unrelated issues can stem from a lack of core strength and correct belly pressure.


Attaining an understanding of how the core works and how to cultivate good belly pressure is an integral aspect to reliving these issues. 

Get the relief you desire and the know-how to maintain your core wellbeing for life!

Introducing the Core Yoga Program

The only Core Yoga Program based on Japanese Yoga and the Eastern meridian system of healing. 

In the Core Yoga Program, you will get to practise:

  • the most effective exercises to warm up and activate the core - the energy centre of your body.

  • therapeutic core yoga exercises to support the organs of the digestive system.

  • key therapeutic core yoga exercises to improve posture and reduce back pain.

  • specific core yoga exercises to help with reproductive issues and strengthen the pelvic floor.

  • key core exercises that will help you in achieving more advanced yoga asanas.

The Core Yoga Program is my way of making core yoga accessible to more people, including you! 

What's included?

When you join the program, you will have access to 6 Core Yoga classes, including:

  1. The Essential Core Yoga Warm-up

  2. Core Digestion

  3. Core Elimination

  4. Core Reproductive Health

  5. Belly and Back

  6. Deep Core

Classes are between 20-35 minutes in length and can be practised in any sequence. Ideally, getting familiar with the Essential Core Yoga Warm-up is a great place to start.

Your instructor

My name is Leah Cooper and I am an accredited Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia). I have been practising yoga for over 25 years and over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of people how to connect with their core through a therapeutic yoga practice based on the eastern meridian system of healing. 

I am passionate about health and wellbeing and believe it is critical that each of us take responsibility for our bodies and minds so that we can live our best life. Maintaining a connection to my core through a dynamic and therapeutic yoga practice is one of the key tools that has helped me on this path. 

Focussing on the core is an essential part of my yoga practice and what I teach. So much so, that I dedicate time at the start of every class to hone in on this area. This helps my students feel a sense of stability and strength as they move into their practice and helps foster a level of awareness deep inside their bodies.

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What my students are saying

Yoga Class
"I love the type of yoga that Leah teaches. It has, for me, a perfect balance of strength and stretching with the added insight into how the moves impact your internal systems. Having suffered from neck and shoulder issues in the past I have found that after working with Leah these have now resolved. My belly strength has increased dramatically and I feel I am developing a really strong core which I believe is so important as we get older."

~ Karen

Frequently Asked Questions​

I’m relatively new to yoga, how will the Core Yoga Program help me?

In this Core Yoga Program, you will learn key therapeutic yoga exercises that will give you an excellent foundation as you continue to build your yoga practice. I started my practice over 25 years ago learning these exercises and they continue to be of benefit to me in so many ways.  

I’m already an experienced yoga student/teacher, what will I get from the Core Yoga Program?

Great question! As an experienced yogi, you already have a strong foundation and understand the value of the core in an advanced yoga practice. In the Core Yoga Program, you will learn new ways to access the core through specific yoga therapy exercises and discover the profound effect they have in building a deeper connection with your core.

Will I get lifetime access to the Core Yoga Program?

Yes! You will be able to access the classes in this program for as long as you need them. The program is hosted on my website and the videos are housed on a trusted video hosting platform. If at some point I change my website host, I will offer you an alternative way to access the program.

How much does the Core Yoga Program cost?

The cost for the program is $49 (AU). This includes unlimited lifetime access to the six classes in the program and support along the way. Feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and I'll support you the best I can.

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