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The way to creative wellbeing with Amy Isaman, Book Coach and Author

The Wellbeing Room - Season 2, Episode 7

In this episode, I interview Amy Isaman. Amy is a book and writing coach and has written and published four novels in the historical fiction and mystery genres. Amy and I met through the MasterHeart program led by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach. “If you’re called to write – write. If you’re called to create – create. Do the thing.” ~ Amy Isaman In this interview, Amy shares about:

  • her love of reading, how she began writing, and how she rediscovered her love of writing later in life

  • some of the barriers people face when it comes to writing and her suggestions for helping people overcome them

  • her approach to the creative process

  • the transformation process that would be the subject of her own memoir

  • one thing that has helped her improve wellness and get more out of life.

Find out more about Amy Isaman here:

Check out Amy's podcast - Dear Creativity, Let's Write:

Amy's books:

Overlander Series

~ The Overlander's Daughter

~ The Fiddler's Son

Tricia Seaver Mystery Series

~ In the Cards

~ Cold Hard Cache

All titles available on Amazon!

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