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Digestible Deliciousness with Holly Davis

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 19

In this episode, I interview Holly Davis.

Holly is a whole food chef, author and educator. She teaches a range of face to face workshops and online courses covering Sourdough Baking, Fermentation, and Japanese Whole foods.

Listen in as Holly shares:

  • her first memories of cooking

  • when the idea for Iku Wholefoods first formed in her mind

  • when she was first introduced to the idea of using food as a way to alter the way you feel and impact your wellbeing

  • her experience of travelling to Japan and learning macrobiotic cooking at the Macrobiotic Centre in Tokyo

  • how she met Andzej Gospodarczyk and worked with him in his macrobiotic restaurant in Sydney

  • her journey with Iku Wholefoods

  • her passion for fermented foods, the benefits of making them and eating them in small quantities

  • contraindications for certain fermented foods

  • something she cooks regularly that always lifts her spirits

  • some of the ferments that she still wants to learn how to make.

“...I love the physicality of cooking… the whole connection to the things that I’m using and to the ingredients themselves and then what I’m actually creating. I love that.”

“I used to say, from the macro kind of thing, you know, “You are what you eat”. But I don’t think that anymore. I think very much you’re what you can digest. That actually, it doesn’t matter. You can eat the very best food in the world but if you can’t digest it you’ve got a problem. It won’t be as enjoyable, and you won’t get as much from it, and you know, it’s not really of benefit if you can’t digest it.”

~ Holly Davis

To connect with Holly, go to her website:

Discover her online classes here:

Find her on Facebook:

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