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Empowerment through Embodied and Spiritual Sexuality with Marianne van Katwijk

The Wellbeing Room - Episode 22

A podcast by Leah from The Centre of Ki

In this episode, I interview Marianne van Katwijk, a sex psychologist and sacred sexual empowerment coach who specialises in female pleasure. In this interview, Marianne shares:

  • how she healed her own sexual trauma and how it led her to do the work she does

  • the tools she uses with women to help them connect to their spiritual and embodied sexuality

  • the barriers that women face when it comes to healing issues relating to sexuality

  • the powerful benefits of a yoni egg yoga practice

  • one key thing that has helped her to improve wellness and get more out of life.

You can find Marianne at Check out her YouTube channel here: Marianne is the host of the Embody Your Body podcast.

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