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Quitting Mummy Wine Time with Mish Wright

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 25

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Welcome to The Wellbeing Room.

In this episode, I interview Michelle Wright. Mish is a powerhouse in the world of fitness, women's health and education. With over two decades of experience, Mish's focus has been guiding women on their fitness journey whilst maintaining an awareness of the importance of pelvic health.

Over the years, Mish has led corporate wellness initiatives, redesigned training programs for older adults, and developed over 30 online courses. Mish is a passionate advocate, mentor, and educator and shares her experience generously through her blog on her website. I was intrigued by one of her recent blog posts titled ‘How I quit Mummy Wine Time’ and this led me to ask Mish to join me in The Wellbeing Room.

Listen in as Mish shares:

Listen in as Mish shares:

  • her experience of using alcohol and what led her to make the decision to become a non-drinker.

  • the challenges she faced on this journey and how she overcame the decision to be become a non-drinker.

  • the research and psychology that helped her rationalise her decision to continue down the non-drinking path.

  • advice for other women who want to explore getting off alcohol and may find themselves dealing with social pressure.

  • her top tips for wellbeing and getting more out of life.

Connect with Mish here.

Read Mish's blog post about Quitting Mummy Wine Time here.

Read the article that is mentioned in this episode here.

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