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Overcoming the Fear of Death with Mikki Brammer

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 24

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In this episode, I interview Mikki Brammer.

Mikki is an Australian writer and journalist, originally from Tasmania. She is now based in New York City, having arrived there via time spent working in France and Spain. As a journalist, Mikki writes about architecture, art, and design for a variety of well known publications.

During Covid lockdown, in her apartment in NYC, Mikki penned her first novel - The Collected Regrets of Clover - which was published in 2023.I invited Mikki to join me in The Wellbeing Room to discuss the themes of her book which focuses on death and dying and our culture's way of dealing with, or complete avoidance of dealing with that inevitability.

Listen in as Mikki shares:

  • what led her to explore the topic of death in her first novel

  • the journey she took to research the book and get intimate with the topic of death 

  • the different roles of the death doula and how she incorporated this understanding into Clover's story

  • how she uses her knowledge about death now to improve her life and relationships with those she loves

  • what she hopes readers will get from her book

  • her top tips for wellbeing and getting more out of life.

Check out The Collected Regrets of Clover here:

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