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Surviving stress, motherhood and lockdown - Lisa's techniques for self-soothing

The Wellbeing Room - Season 2, Episode 4

A podcast by Leah from The Centre of Ki

In this episode, I interview Lisa Morgan, a yoga teacher, shiatsu therapist and lover of acupressure. I met Lisa in 2007 when we were both studying yoga teacher training with Andzej Gospodarczyk of Ryoho Yoga. Lisa lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her husband and son. In this interview, Lisa shares:

  • how she helps people deal with stress using simple self-soothing techniques based on acupressure

  • how lockdown and teaching online has opened her up to new ways of teaching and doing workshops in the future

  • how teaching corporate yoga gave her the skills to read the room and deliver yoga in a way that people could relate to on their own terms

  • her inquiry into what is under the stress people experience and the various stress reactions people have

  • how her love of self-acupressure led her to incorporating these techniques into her yoga classes with amazing results

  • how acupressure and tapping are her go to for self-soothing and stress relief

  • one key thing that has helped her to improve her own wellness and get more out of life.

You can find Lisa at Check out her Instagram page here: and Facebook here:

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