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The Evolution of Movement and Play with Rafe Kelley

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 14

In this episode, I interview Rafe Kelley, natural parkour coach, movement trainer and founder of Evolve, Move Play.

Listen in as Rafe shares:

  • the meaning behind Evolve Move Play and the reason he chose these words for the name of his business

  • the evolution of play and movement in human culture and the reasons why our capacity for play diminishes in adulthood

  • how our culture trains movement out of people from an early age

  • the pillars and practices that form the backbone of Evolve, Move, Play

  • the different relationships we have to the external world that drive our development as human beings

  • his guidelines when it comes to screen time for children and the nuances between the use of phones, television and video games

  • how screens take children away from the physical world and the impact this has on their mental health

  • the difference between a fitness practice and an exploratory movement practice

  • the concept of movement as “wholefood” for our bodies

  • how exploratory locomotor play, or parkour, can be adapted to anybody, and provides us with the potential to fall in love with the experience of moving our body.

“Step outside your door and walk through the world, and if you can go somewhere where there is nature, go be in nature. If you can take off your shoes, take off your shoes, and if you can hang from a tree branch, hang from a tree branch and start there and feel what it feels like in your body... The ultimate sustaining power to a practice is that it makes you fall more in love with your experience of being.”

~ Rafe Kelley

Connect with Rafe here:

Evolve, Move, Play:

Watch Dr Jordan B Peterson’s interview with Rafe Kelley: Parkour and Rough Play

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