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The Practice of Cultivating Ki with Sensei Ken McLean, Shin Sen Dojo

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 21

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In this episode, I interview Ken McLean.

Ken McLean is the founder of the Shin Sen Dojo, located in Kensington, Sydney. His Dojo is a training centre for the development of the mind, body and spirit and here he teaches the Shin Sen Arts of Aikido, Ki Energy Cultivation, Aiki Macrobiotics and Ki Shiatsu. He has spent over four decades training and researching these Ki based arts and has trained with the leading instructors in Japan and Australia.

Ken is also an author. His book Harmony is Success explores the principles behind creating harmony with the four essential relationships in life.

In this interview, Ken shares:

  • how he developed his understanding of Ki and the ways to cultivate Ki

  • the impact that Macrobiotics had in his life

  • about the practice of Aikido, how it is a metaphor for relationships and interacting with energy as well as a physical practice

  • the four Ki Principles that bring the mind, body and spirit into unity

  • an overview of the Four Relationships - self, relationships, place/nature and universe - and explains how harmonising with them enables flow

  • how to handle situations where Ki is out of balance and ways realign our energy

  • the benefits of cold water immersion as a Ki practice.

To connect with Ken, visit his website.

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