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The Wellbeing Room - Episode #14

A podcast by Leah from The Centre of Ki

Episode 14: Tools for Self-Regulation and Self-Compassion with Mira Rao - Resilience and Embodiment Coach

In this episode, I interview Mira Rao, a resilience and embodiment coach. Mira works with clients through coaching and psychotherapy, helping them learn and practice embodiment and resilience skills to both heal from the past and build a more resilient future. In this podcast, Mira shares her insights and wisdom with us, including:

  • what embodiment is and why it's important to our health and wellbeing

  • understanding sensations and emotional safety

  • the connection between trauma and the nervous system and how it protects us

  • embodiment tips and strategies for managing stressful experiences and situations

  • the one big thing that has helped her improve wellness and get more out of life.

To find out more about Mira and the work she does, visit her website: where you can sign up for more information and receive updates about her webinars and workshops. Find her on Facebook at: Link to my Mirror Mirror - The Way to Self Love podcast episode:

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