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Connected Parenting and Raising Confident Kids with Colleen Adrian

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 20

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In this episode, I interview Colleen Adrian.

Colleen Adrian is an author and connected parenting coach for parents of sensitive spirited kids of all ages. She helps the parents learn skills for connection and emotional regulation–both for themselves and their children–so they can leave behind authoritarian parenting methods and bring more peacefulness to their family.

Listen in as Colleen shares:

  • how she came to do the work she does

  • her definition of connected parenting

  • the importance of nervous system regulation in the process of

  • why the connection to our body is important, especially when connecting with our children

  • an example of how understanding resonance of emotions in her body helps her connect with her son

  • how difficult situations with our kids help us to learn and grow

  • the various things that are in play at times when we get angry with our children and the importance of our own nervous system regulation

  • how somatic work can help parents and children self-regulate and connect deeper with their emotions

  • how connected parenting helps us learn to repair relationships and connect with empathy

  • one thing that has helped her improve wellbeing and get more out of life.

To connect with Colleen, go to her website.

Check out her YouTube channel.

Join her Raising Confident Kids Self-study online course:

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