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Demystifying Kriya Yoga with Eric Klein

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 17

In this episode, I interview Eric Klein.

Eric is a lineage holder in the Kriya Yoga lineage. He was trained, ordained and empowered by Goswami Kriyananda to share the Kriya Dharma. He's lived this path for 50 years (with his wife Devi) and shared it with over 25,000 people including seekers from every faith tradition and spiritual-but-not-religious folks. Eric's grounded approach appeals to parents, artists, yogis, CEOs, surfers, and political leaders. Listen in as Eric shares:

  • the meaning of “Yoga” and “Kriya”, and his experience of the Kriya yoga practice

  • the three disciplines of Kriya Yoga and the goals of this practice

  • how Kriya Yoga helps us to heal our karma and the karma of our family

  • how our outward expression is a mirror of our inner integration

  • how to recognise the somatic signals of our reactivity and use these as a guide for recalibration.

“If you have a fire in your house, the easiest time to put it out is when it’s a spark... The easiest time to heal a relationship is at the initial sense of discord. It’s also the easiest time to ignore the discord because it’s not that big, and what we do in meditation is, we are cultivating our capacity to respond to subtle indicators with gentle loving awareness.” ~ Eric Klein Learn more about Eric and Kriya Yoga here:

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