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Every day is a new opportunity

Have you had a day (or days) where nothing seemed to go right?

Even with the best intentions there are days when your best laid plans just fall apart.

I had one of those days just recently. It started ok but then I just couldn’t shake this terrible feeling and my brain didn’t want to get out of first gear. Negative thoughts played over and over and I experienced a general feeling of despair through the day. Sounds pretty crap doesn’t it?

Well, the good news is that that day eventually came to an end. Hooray! The joy in this is that when each crap day ends, a new day starts and therefore the opportunity for a new beginning (hence my cheering). How can this help you, especially when you’ve got goals to work towards and you feel like a failure when things go wrong?

The beauty in taking the approach that each day is a new opportunity is that this thinking enables endless possibilities. How awesome is that? There is no excuse then for dwelling on the failures of the day before when each day is a new starting point.

I encourage you to reframe those days of failure and despair and just let them go. No sense dwelling in the past. If you have a goal (or goals) or even just want to make a small change in your life, then know that each day is a new opportunity to take another step forward. I know I’m repeating myself here, but repetition helps things sink into your memory. I want you to remember these words so that when you have another crap day (and I guarantee you are more than likely to), that you will be able to accept things as they are and let go, move on and know that tomorrow will be better.

At the start of each new day, I encourage you to take some time to remind yourself of how you want to show up, what your goals are, and remind yourself of the ‘why’ behind each one. That is where you will connect with your passion and your purpose. Next identify one small step (or three) you can do today to move the dial forward for each of your goals. Plan when you’ll do that one thing and then go do it!

To close things off, I’d like to suggest that at the end of the day, before going to sleep, look back on what you achieved. Acknowledge that one step you took - yes, be proud of your achievement! Then, if you’re up for it, think about what step you’ll take tomorrow. (I suggest that you write it down so it’s ready and waiting for you in the morning.) Then breathe in and out, letting go of the tension in your body, and as you drift off to sleep, visualise how you want to show up tomorrow when that new day starts.

I’d love to know what your goals are and how this approach might help you. Please leave a comment below, and if you think someone will benefit from this message, please share this with them.

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