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Yoga, Mediation and Money with Amanda Strojny

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 12

In this episode, I interview Amanda Strojny. Amanda is a registered yoga teacher and certified transformational coach focused on financial prosperity. She is a dedicated teacher of the rules of money and provides her clients with a clear and concise path to monetizing their skills. When working with clients, she incorporates the yogic principles to establish financial balance.

“It’s having a balance, which I always work with clients on. It isn’t just the financial piece...we know… you can have money and not be happy. It’s not the answer…there are so many other elements.”

~ Amanda Strojny

In this podcast, Amanda shares:

  • how she came to yoga

  • how her desire to have more compassion for herself led her to go on a yoga retreat that changed her life

  • the power of a deep, daily meditation practice

  • the work she does to help people have a better relationship with money

  • how being honest and realistic with yourself about your finances can help you overcome your fears about money

  • about her meditation practice and the techniques she uses take her practice deeper

  • her advice for overcoming the challenges of starting and sustaining a meditation practice

  • how meditation and stillness has helped her develop deeper levels of compassion, for herself and others.

Find out more about Amanda and the work she does here:

You can also listen to Amanda’s podcast, Untapped Power, here:


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