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Finding Flow in the Kitchen with Brigitte Gemme

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The Wellbeing Room - Season 2, Episode 10

Brigitte is Chief Meal Planner at the Vegan Family Kitchen. As a vegan food educator, she is dedicated to helping more people eat more plants. Having been a guest in The Wellbeing Room before, Brigitte has joined us again to discuss her new book, Flow in the Kitchen. "We have to acknowledge the forces in society that devalue home cooking." ~ Brigitte Gemme In this episode, Brigitte shares:

  • what led her to write her book and the process involved in putting it together.

  • the similarities between home cooking and project management, including the key elements of scope, cost and time.

  • how home cooking has been devalued in our society.

  • ways that people can overcome their resistance to cooking and find joy and flow in the kitchen.

  • why we should keep phones out of the kitchen (except for when we need them for a joyful cooking practice).

  • that most of us know something about cooking and have the skills required to get started in the kitchen.

  • tips for batch cooking and meal planning.

Get her book Flow in the Kitchen from these outlets:

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