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Navigating Your Way Out of Pain with Gemma McFall, Strengths and Pain Coach

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 13

In this episode, I interview Gemma McFall, a Strengths and Pain Coach who is passionate about helping people overcome chronic pain and improve their wellbeing.

Listen in as Gemma shares:

  • her back pain journey and how she learned to manage and overcome her pain using the mindbody approach to healing

  • what neuroplastic pain is and how the body subconsciously generates it

  • her insights about the fear-pain cycle

  • the various ways people can heal themselves from pain using the mindbody approach

  • the difference between masking pain and healing pain

  • how long-term nervous system dysregulation makes us think we aren’t stressed when in fact we are and how this affects our pain levels

  • how she came to understand her strengths and how she uses them every day to generate energy and manage symptoms of pain

  • how she uses her knowledge and understanding of pain and nervous system dysregulation as a tool when parenting her two children.

“I love giving people tools and the knowledge and the quick wins and the Strengths FInder is a very quick way to very quickly see why your nervous system is being triggered.”

~ Gemma McFall

Get in touch with Gemma here:


Read the book: Healing Back Pain by John Sarno

Link to Gemma's interview with Brigitte Gemme on Vegan Family Kitchen

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