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The Tools to Financial Empowerment with Tamsin Young

The Wellbeing Room Podcast - Season 2, Episode 18

In this episode, I interview Tamsin Young.

Tamsin works with women to empower them with their finances. She works on both the practical money management skills and energetic/mindset work so that women can feel comfortable with their numbers and confident in making decisions with their finances so that they can create a business that supports them and that fits into their lifestyle.

Listen in as Tamsin shares:

  • how she came to work in accounting and finance

  • why she is passionate about helping people with their money

  • how using financial records can be used as a guide to improve our business

  • how she has connected with her intuition and uses this to help her in the work she does

  • why she wants to help women to be financially independent and help them feel comfortable with their finances

  • the obstacles healers and artists face when it comes to charging for their services and how to overcome them

  • how she coaches others to use their intuition to guide them in their life and their financial journey

  • something that has helped her improve wellness and get more out of life.

Learn more about Tamsin and how to work with her here:

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