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Spiritual Fitness in the Soul Gym with George Kao

The Wellbeing Room - Season 2, Episode 6

In this episode, I interview George Kao. George is a business coach, mentor, and author who infuses his teachings with a unique spiritual perspective. He has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, healers and course creators on their path to creating sustainable and joyful businesses, including myself. George is a beacon of light in the craziness of the online world. His values of generosity, warm-heartedness and authenticity shine through in his content and in the classes that he teaches.

George has published five books spanning the topics of Authentic Business, Authentic Content Marketing, Joyful Productivity, Authentic Selling and his most recent title Soul Gym – Simple Principles for Spiritual Fitness, which we discuss in this episode.

"If I'm going to drop dead in this next moment, I want to drop dead in a spiritual way." ~ George Kao

In this interview, George shares:

  • how he came to bring spiritual awareness to the work he does as a business and marketing coach

  • what prompted him to start Soul Gym and how it has evolved over time

  • the Spiritual Alphabet - his tools and values for wellbeing

  • the evolution of the Energy Reboot practice

  • the Sandwich Prayer and its link to the Energy Reboot

  • what the Soul Gym program is and how to join

  • a unique wellbeing tip to improve wellness and get more out of life.

Find out more about George Kao here: Visit his Soul Gym page on Facebook here: Check out his energy reboot videos on YouTube: George's books: ~ Authentic Content Marketing ~ Joyful Productivity ~ Authentic Selling ~ Principles of Authentic Business ~ Soul Gym - Simple Principles for Spiritual Fitness All titles available on Amazon!

1 Comment

George Kao
George Kao
Sep 26, 2023

This is still one of the favorite interviews I've done. Thank you Leah for your thoughtful and graceful presence as a host!

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